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  • Prickly Poppy 1 seed pack

Prickly Poppy (1 seed pack)

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Prickly Poppy (1 seed pack)

(Argemone Mexicana) 


Argemone Mexicana (Prickly Poppy) is fast growing, very ornamental and covered with prickles. Prickly poppy is easily grown from scattered seed. Blooms entire summer.
Mexican Prickly Poppy is from the Papaveraceae family and is native to mexico. Argemone mexicana has many medicinal uses: It has been used as an anesthetic for surgery; It has been used to treat cancer, the common cold, fever, inflammation, and toothache. This poppies chemical constituents include protopine, berberine, and several isoquinilines. It has been ritualistically used as a smudging herb.

We offer high quality Prickly Poppy Foliage, Extract, viable seeds and Prickly Poppy Latex.

One seed pack is approximately 2 grams which is approximately 1,000 seeds in each seed pack.


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