Kratom storeBuy wholesale Kratom, Maeng Da, Mitragyna Speciosa online here. NIH studies indicate there is potential to treat depression, pain, or drug dependency. It can be chewed, or the dried leaves can be capsulated as well as brewed into tea. Enjoyers report increased work capacity, alertness, and sociability. Popping prescribed pills to solve difficulities maybe an easy option for some, but it is by no means always the most adventageous option. Protect and balance one's self. This botanic alternative, Kratom, puts it together awefully well.


Kratom FAQs

What is Kratom?

Kratom is a tree grown in Thailand, Indonesia, and surrounding South East Asia Countries. In otherwords a botanic. Mitragyna speciosa (M.speciosa) is its scientific name. It's from the same family as the coffee tree!  This perplexing botanic’s photochemical compounds are both energizing as well as relaxing. The understanding of its phytochemical compounds are still evolving as well as being studied. In additon, the leaves have been advantaged for thousands of years by people all over the world.  

What Kratom is not

Kratom is still being wrongly mis-categorized as a “synthetic”, a “research chemical”, or worse a “designer drug.” It is absolutely none of these; In fact, kratom is 101% a natural plant that has been used safely for thousands of years. There is also a growing body of clinical studies that outline Kratom’s potential life-saving medicinal properties. Go here to read a page of Kratom Medicinal Research published by Dovepress (open access to scientific and medical research). You will read the overwhelming evidence on Kratom’s exciting pharmacokinetic potential.

Incorrectly grouping Kratom with dangerous synthetics and placing it into the “Schedule 1” category will prevent any further research on understading potential medical benefits this plant has already demonstrated as well as already been published.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes! We offer FREE USPS shipping on all kratom orders over $75 for all domestic U.S. orders. 

I live in and/or are visiting the area.  Can I stop by and pick up an order?

Unfortuantely, we are an online store only.  We are not set up for visitors, and there is no retail storefront.

How much kratom can I take?

If it wasn't for this or that Kratom-k would tell you, but this and that exist. Kratom is not FDA regulated, so we cannot provide quantity or dosage information (because it's not for human consumption); however, there are many forums out there you can look into for these kind of answers.  South East Asain Mores reference the leaves being chewed, or dried and milled for viand mixing as well as boiled. Our favorite forum is the "Official Kratom Forum" which has a lot of great knowledgeable people on there that have some awesome posts.

What type of payments do you accept?

At this time, we  take VISA  and AMEX credit / debit cards.  Please note, your credit card must be an official VISA or AMEX credit or debit card.   Pre-paid or gift cards will not be accepted due to potential fraud. MasterCard and Discover are also NOT accepted at this time. We will let everyone know when they are available again.

Why did I get billed an oversea charge?

Some orders will get processed through an overseas processor, and some banks will charge extra for these transactions.  Unfortunately, this is due to the stigma about the product. Only certain banks (mostly offshore) will work with companies that sell Kratom which means you may or may not incure some special fees from your bank. We apologize for this and are working on getting more domestic banks that will work with us.  Please email or call us if you have questions on your credit card statment! We accept all major U.S. credit cards.

Why hasn't my tracking updated?

Although USPS calls the number they give out (as do we) a tracking number, the number is actually a delivery confirmation number. As such, the only update USPS is obligated to make is when the package is delivered.  Any update they perform aside from that is only done as a courtesy by USPS.  When their tracking system is overloaded (such as around holidays, or when they have computer glitches,  or when they just do not feel like scanning shipments) they may not update their tracking. Sometimes for days.  Sometimes until the order is delivered.  Rest assured that your order went out in accord with our shipping policy.  We want you to receive your order just as quickly as you do.  Once we have dropped off orders at USPS, the only information we have concerning your order is the information provided by the USPS tracking number. 

Why is my order Pending?

We send an email to all first time customers stating we require a "Confirmation" reply in order to verify the order and customer information. A lot of the times orders are Pending because we have not received a reply back. Sometimes our processors go down which is why some of our customers' orders say Pending. You only get charded once the order has been changed to Awaiting Fulfillment.  

How long until I get my order?

Shipping times vary based on your location. All orders are usually shipped within 24 hours of receipt of payment. All shipments are shipped USPS and most of our U.S. clients receive their package in less than a week.  (International orders can take up to 30 days) You will recieve an automated email with tracking number once your package has been shipped out.  Please see our Shipping Page here for more information

Are products shipped in discrete packaging?

Yes.  Our packages are either manilla bubble envelopes or 6X4X3 cardboard boxes.  Both are discreet and will not have the name of the product on the outside of the packaging.    

Something has come up and I need a refund.  How do I do this?

Easy!  If we have not sent the product to you yet, just contact us and we will refund you the full amount the very same day! Refunds are usually added back into your account within 2-3 days depending on your bank.  No need to contact your bank to cancel the order.  Just email us directly and we will be happy to help you out!  We know the unexpected happens and we will gladly give you a full refund no questions asked!  If you have already received your order and would like a refund, please see the question below.


If you do not like your order, you have 15 days from the time it was delivered to you to mail it back to us for a refund.  If you do not have the product to return to us,  we cannot do a refund. We can not accept any opened items. If an item is opened we can not provide a refund.  No exchanges.

I would like to phone in my order or email you payment information.

For our customer's privacy and safety, we can only accept payments through our site and our payment processor at this time. 

Where is Kratom legal or illegal at in the United States?

Please go here to see an updated map of each state.   

What can I do to help Kratom stay legal?

Good Question!  Our favorite organization is the "Botanical Legal Defense".  They are a collection of kratom companies that have bonded together to form this amazing organization and are doing everything in their power to keep kratom legal. Please visit their page, to see what you can do to help. You can also write your congressman or congresswoman to stop misrepresented debarment. Get a copy of a sample letter here.



*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Not intended for sell to anyone under 18 years of age.*