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When you Buy Maeng Da Kratom from Kratom-K you can be assured you’re purchasing the best there is. We carry all colors of each strain and ship all purchases within 24 hours.

White Veined Maeng Da Powder

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When it comes to Kratom, there exist several different varieties or strains with slight differences in their molecular structures. These differences occur mainly due to external environmental factors such as soil composition, local climatic conditions, exposure to sunlight, humidity, and precipitation levels in the area. These variations give rise to a variety of strains such as Bali, Indo, Malay, Borneo, Malay, Vietnam, Sumatra, Hulu Kapuas, Horn, Elephant, and last but certainly not the least, the Maeng Da Kratom. The Maeng Da Kratom has further three sub-varieties that are referred to as Green, Red, and White veined Maeng Da Kratom.

What these colors indicate is simple to understand. The presence of alkaloids within the Kratom impacts the color of the veins. Green colored veins of a kratom leaf mean that the leaf is still young and contains average alkaloid levels. The Red lies on the extreme opposite end of the spectrum, indicating that the alkaloid concentration is highest with the kratom leaves being fully mature. The White veined Maeng Da leaves, however, specify that the alkaloid concentrations are somewhere between average and extreme. A rather balanced line opted by one of the best Kratom strains.

The White veined Maeng Da is high in demand round the year. The high demand has provided us with the impetus to procure it in bulk quantities directly from the native kratom farms located in Indonesia. The large quantities do not mean a drop in the quality! At KratomK, we have strict Quality Assurance practices through which our Kratom is procured so that we may bring you only the best, most authentic White veined Maeng Da Kratom powder.

We offer the highest quality White Maeng Da Kratom powder with the following features:

  • Best quality Kratom in the most competitive prices
  • No compromise on the purity and authenticity of our kratom products
  • Ethically sourced products procured through fair-trade practices
  • Quality packaging ensuring utmost freshness of our kratom products

Order now and experience the best quality White Maeng Da Kratom powder.

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Weight 19.3 oz
Dimensions 2 × 7 × 10 in

28 grams, 56 grams, 114 grams, 228 grams, 456 grams

Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa Protection Status
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