Education is the key to understanding kratom

/Education is the key to understanding kratom

Education is the key to understanding kratom

Being educated about a subject is crucial to make wise choices.  Yet, today there are many persons, some in legislative positions with great power, that do not take the time, energy or effort to properly educate themselves on topics.  This is one of the greatest dangers to humanity.  If we have the knowledge it is each persons responsibility to become as educated as possible about subjects that effect them.  Not just listen to the loudest voice.  Because in a capitalistic society the loudest voice often equates to the party with the most resources – money.  The amount of money you have to throw at something shouldn’t be the determining factor in somethings outcome.  What is best for humanity is what should be the outcome.  Not who can or can’t make money from something.

In this spirit allow me to share with you an article that is a few years old now but is from real scientists that are working with kratom and doing research.  This may not be the latest article but it is a good place to start from the people that are actually working with it.

The TLDR is that

  1. Kratom in itself does not have the chemical makeup alone to cause death in an overdose.
  2. That there were a lot of things not known scientifically because research is hindered.
  3. It has undeniable beneficial effects that are documented.

Here is the article in Scientific American: Should Kratom Use Be Legal?  By Larry Greenemeier on September 30, 2013

Please spend a few minutes to educate yourself if you are new.

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