These are some of the most common questions we receive and we hope it provides answers to your questions. If there are questions that still remain, please email us at or use the contact us form. We periodically update this page with the most common questions about our process and kratom.

Frequently Asked Questions

All of our varietals come directly from independent farmers using traditional growing practices in Indonesia

As of 2020, Kratom is legal on a federal level within the USA, while facing regulations in some states, counties and cities.

We do not ship to the following states: AlabamaArkansasIndianaRhode IslandTennesseeVermontWashington D.C., and Wisconsin.

We do not ship to the following counties: Oceanside, CASan Diego, CASarasota, FL, Denver, CO, Jerseyville, IL, and Union County, MS.

Our packages ship in either a unbranded padded envelope or box with a from address labeled with “K Botanics”. No mentions of kratom.

We believe this to be discreet.

Our team inspects and monitors all products from beginning to end of our distribution process. We use quality control practices to ensure that all product is stored and handled in ways that do not compromise the integrity of said product. In addition, we welcome customer feedback to help ensure we are delivering consistent excellence.

Currently, Kratom is not approved by the FDA for any use whatsoever and our company deeply respects and abides by these rules. These products are not approved by the FDA as an ingestible product.

In alignment with current FDA regulations, we offer no directions for any intended use of our products.

The best way to reach us is by email. Please direct all correspondence to or use the contact us form.

Very simply! Please follow these steps to complete your order with Credit Card.

We offer several processors in-case one does not go through. Please select “primary processor” at checkout (it is selected by default). If the order does not go through, please switch to “PMC Gold” which approves transactions 100% of the time.

If that does not work, please contact your bank to allow the transaction to go through.

There was either an error with our processor or your bank has declined the transaction. 

In case of the former issue, we provide 3 different processors to choose from. Please change the processor from “primary processor” to “PMC Gold” which should guarantee the transaction will go through. It is a trusted processor.

If issue still persists, please contact your bank or attempt to use a different card and go through the process again of trying the different processors.

Very simply! Please follow these steps to complete your order with Bitcoin.

At checkout, please select bitcoin option for payment type. Then click submit order. You will be redirected to a page with a bitcoin wallet address. Open your bitcoin wallet and click “Withdraw Funds”, then scan the barcode and manually CAREFULLY enter the value requested in bitcoins and submit the transaction.

It may take up to 30 minutes for the transaction to show up as paid as we require several confirmations to approve the transaction.

If there is any issue, please don’t hesitate and contact us.

Certain transactions may require manual approval and can take up to 24 hours to clear and verify.

All orders are covered by our 30 day guarantee. Simply contact us, and our support team shall initiate a return.
PLEASE NOTE: All products must be received back before any refund is issued.

We are able to ship most orders on the same day we received them. Any orders that miss the shipping cut off for the day are sent out on the next business day. We ship with USPS, allowing us to fulfill orders Monday through Saturday. (excludes Sundays and National Holidays per USPS standards)

If your order’s tracking number reads “shipping label created” and nothing else, it means that your package has been created and is waiting to be scanned into the USPS system. USPS will occasionally miss a package, causing it to be updated at its next stop. Please allow USPS twenty four hours of purchase time to update your shipping information.

If you did not receive ANY tracking number within 24 hours, please contact us and we will assist you.

Please contact the customer support at or use the contact form. We will gladly assist you.

Please contact the customer support at or use the contact form. We will gladly assist you.

Note: We only ship to the billing address for fraud prevention reasons.

If you notice this issue instantly, please contact support at so we can assist you in changing the shipping address. If your package has been shipped out already, please contact USPS to use their USPS Package Intercept Tool: