How Do I Use Kratom?

/How Do I Use Kratom?

How Do I Use Kratom?

Kratom is not approved for human consumption.

Kratom is not currently approved for human consumption by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  So we can only sell it as an unapproved dietary ingredient, sold for external use only.

This being the case we can not sell kratom for human consumption, and we can not offer any advice on ingesting it as that would be a violation of the law.

Butif you’ve found this page then you probably know of Google.  So doing a search and a bit of reading a person would gain general knowledge of it’s aromatic potency.  Through a Google search one could easily find that lower samples of 1 to 4 grams are reported to have a somewhat stimulating effect.  Those same sources report that greater samples, 5 to 10 grams are said to have a more relaxing effect.

By doing your research you will also find information that explains that these are natural plants ground up and each batch is unique, although the general characteristics are the same. Just like if you’ve every grown your own flowers.  Each strain smells basically the same, roses smell like roses, jasmine smells like jasmine, but if you really pay attention some flowers will smell a little different than others.  An American Beauty Rose has a rose smell but different than then scent of a Tea Cup Rose.  Same here.

With this in mind if you find kratom provides value to you then it is best to buy it in bulk.  Each time your new order arrives we recommend that you experiment with a small sample to determine its aromatic strength and the qualities of the scent.  With the general knowledge above persons in South East Asia have managed their lives for generations.

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