At Kratom-K we have a wide variety of excellent quality in-house kratom for sale.  But we also know that some of our valued customers buy kratom products from various other brands. To cater to their needs, we have made available branded kratom products on our inventory so that we can provide them with genuine and authentic branded kratom at the best price compared to any other kratom seller. Here at Kratom-K, we continuously aim to provide the best kratom products and services to our worthy clients. We not only just have branded kratom for sale on our website, but we also share our personal experiences and reviews about the popular kratom brands in the US to share and enhance the collective knowledge of our US kratom community. One such famous kratom brand running their business in the US for quite some time is OPMS. The OPMS kratom products are quite popular among many of the kratom enthusiasts.

In this article, we will do a detailed OPMS kratom review and also share our candid opinion on the OPMS kratom products in the end. So let’s get straight to the point and start with a bit of history of OPMS kratom brand.

OPMS Kratom Brand History

First of all, let us demystify the abbreviation for you. OPMS Stands for “Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions”. We don’t know who came up with this name or what they mean by “solutions” but it sure sounds very assuring. The OPMS Kratom brand has been operational in the US Kratom business since 2010. With a rather humble beginnings with a limited clientage, the brand started its journey based in Atlanta, Georgia.

The first decade of the 21st century saw an increased awareness in the general public regarding the synthetic and GMO products that were being sold in the market. There was a popular trend among the masses to revert to “the ways of the nature” such as herbs and other natural products. This popular demand of the people led toward a mass movement that saw many people embracing (an already popular) naturally occurring botanical herb called kratom. The OPMS kratom brand started with their kratom business around that time. Gradually gaining popularity as people came to know more and more about their kratom products.

What is Kratom?

OPMS kratom

If you are a newbie when it comes to kratom or perhaps even a stranger, it is appropriate to do a quick introduction of this natural herb with you. The kratom, as it is popularly called, is sourced from commonly sighted trees in Southeast Asia called Mitragyna Speciosa. These widely abundant trees give out leaves that contain alkaloids. The leaves are harvested, dried, and crushed into a fine powder that is called kratom powder. The Kratom has many different types that are more popularly called kratom strains. The kratom enthusiasts, belonging to all the different walks of life, have their personal preferences when it comes to their favorite kratom strain. This is because each kratom strain has its unique character and properties that are just a matter of personal choice.

The OPMS kratom products have been able to occupy considerable shelf-space in the retail and head shops around the country. But are the OPMS kratom products any good? Let’s see what their website has to say about their kratom products and the OPMS kratom brand itself.

OPMS Kratom Brand Website

OPMS Kratom

The first impression about their website is that it is rather brief. Both in terms of kratom products that they offer and the content as well. However, the look is easy on the eyes, and the layout is simple to understand. Upon browsing around for a few minutes, it is easily found that the OPMS Kratom brand offers a rather limited range of kratom products on their website. The products come with a picture of their packaging and brief descriptions. Each kratom product or variety that they offer claims to have the unique characteristic properties that their passionate customers are looking for.

Their Claim to Fame

The OPMS Kratom brand claims to be the leaders in the Kratom and Kava industry. On their website, the OPMS Kratom brand boasts about their superior extraction method that they have perfected over the years. They also claim that their extraction method is unmatched in the whole US kratom industry. They do not clearly define this extraction method but they hint toward using the “cold extraction method” technique.

In this technique, the kratom powder is slowly mixed in the hot water solution until it reaches its saturation point. Thereafter, the solution is cooled within seconds which renders the extract out of the water and form up at the bottom. This concentrated mass is extracted out and is many times stronger than the original powder in terms of alkaloid concentrations.

OPMS Kratom Products

To be honest, we did not expect that the OPMS