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Premium Kratom Samples

Step 2 in Your Journey with Kratom.

Buy Sample Kratom Powder from Kratom-KIf you have tried kratom and have found it beneficial the next step is to find the particular strain of kratom that is best suited to your specific needs.  To help you in your journey we offer premium kratom samples so that you can try different strains for not a lot of money.

Something important to think about, if you are not aware, is that the sayings about how we are all “unique humans” holds a lot of truth.  Although there are groups of us that share a lot of similarities in chemistry and so on, our bodies react to things in it’s own unique way.  Science is now recognizing this and specializing treatments for different things like cancer.  If you’ve seen the TV commercials where the cancer treatment center provides specialized treatment just for you?  That is what we mean and that will be true with all medicine in the future.  Each prescription will be specifically tailored for you.

But right now we don’t have all the answers and we want to find something that benefits us now.  To do that you need to run your own personal trials with the different strains to find what works best with your unique chemistry.   Each strain is known for it’s own respective properties and “aromas”.  We do not provide suggestions on how you use kratom or what kratom might be right for you.  Spend a little time on Google and this knowledge is easily found.

Once you know what your looking for the next choice is do you want kratom powder or kratom capsules?  One thing about kratom is that for the proper “aroma” the volume of it required is surprising.  It’s kind of a lot because kratom isn’t that strong and that helps with it’s safety.  So what is the deal about powder or capsules?  Capsules make it easy clean and simple.  Powdered kratom is, well, powdered kratom.  Yeah it is cheaper but if you are not set up to deal with it then it can be messy.  Capsules make it clean, quick and easy.

But if you are a bargain shopper and want capsules you can also buy powdered kratom and make your own.  We offer both empty capsules and capsule filling machines in our accessories category.

Here you are!  For under $37 you can get four (4) of our fantastic strains.

Choose capsules or powder in

  • Maeng Da, Thai, Red Borneo, Bali Supreme.
  • Malay, Sumatra, Bali, Maeng Da Supreme

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The only way to know is to try it.

The FDA has not approved Kratom for human consumption so please use externally only. Do your research and then come back and purchase one of these samples below.

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