Many people say that kratom extract is only preferred by veteran kratom enthusiasts. However, that is not true. Even newbies who want to buy kratom are often interested in extracts. Now that the myth is busted, we present the Captain Kratom Tincture Liquid, a branded kratom extract exclusively available at Kratom-K.

This liquid kratom tincture has been made by Captain LA, which is one of the leading kratom brands in the current marketplace. We, at Kratom-K, approve of this brand and the kratom products that it offers. As part of our mission, in addition to the in-house kratom products, we offer branded kratom products like Captain kratom Tincture Liquid for the convenience of your customers.

This more unique thing about this liquid kratom extract is that it is made with great care, in a very controlled environment. The Mitragyna Speciosa leaves used in the Captain Kratom Tincture Liquid are sourced directly from high-quality kratom farms in Southeast Asia. While some of this Kratom is used in making kratom capsules, the remaining is used to prepare the liquid extract.

The brand labeling does not give information regarding the kratom strains used in this extract. However, it does not really matter since this full spectrum extract basically contains all the essential alkaloids present in kratom leaves. What we do know is that it is made from 100% authentic kratom! After all, this is something that Captain LA is known for.

What are the features of Captain Kratom Tincture Liquid?

  • Full-spectrum extract
  • 100% authentic kratom
  • The ergonomic tincture bottle design
  • Sealed for max freshness

So, don’t wait and place an order for Captain Kratom Tincture Liquid at our store today!

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