Experience Indo Bomb 10x Capsules

Experience Indo Bomb 10x Capsules

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Experience Indo Bomb 10x Capsules


In case you buy kratom locally, you would know about a popular brand called Experience Botanicals. However, unlike many major kratom vendors, one thing is very peculiar about this brand. That is, it has no website! So, how would you buy the Experience Indo Bomb 10x Capsules (one of this brand’s most popular products)? Well, it is exclusively available in the branded kratom section at our store, Kratom-K.

Experience Botanicals is a company that has simply ruled the world of local kratoms. Go to any local head shop, and you will find shelves filled with this brand’s products. These include powders and a wide range of kratom capsules.

With that, it also has quite a nice range of kratom strains. The Experience Indo Bomb 10x Capsules contain 100% authentic Indo kratom, which is sourced from high-end Mitragyna Speciosa fields in Southeast Asia. Here, farmers spend a lot of effort in choosing the freshest and high-quality leaves from Kratom trees.

Once the leaves are picked, they are taken into the drying processing units where unique processes are carried out. When the leaves have dried, they are encapsulated into naturally manufactured capsule shells of the highest grade.

Finally, the product is packed in solid packaging and exported directly to the US to meet the demands of devoted buyers.

Features of Experience Indo Bomb 10x Capsules:

  • Enhanced kratom capsules
  • 100% authentic Indo kratom
  • Solid packaging for better freshness
  • Fast order processing and delivery

In case you often worry about the question, ‘how to store kratom powder?’, worry not because Experience Indo Bomb 10x Capsules come in a solid packaging. This also helps you in keeping the capsules fresh.

Apart from this, we also have a wide range of other types of kratom for sale. To place an order, simply visit our store and scroll through an extensive range of products.

Additional information

Weight2 oz
Dimensions2 × 2 × 2 in

10 Capsules

Ingredients: Kratom