Experience Kratom Bali Bliss Powder is a top-class kratom product from Experience Kratom Brand. On their inventory, this kratom brand has many products to offer such as powder, capsules, and tinctures of different kratom strains. However, according to the customer reviews, Experience Kratom Bali Bliss Powder is one of the best products that Experience Kratom offers.

The Experience Kratom Bali Bliss Powder is sourced from the Bali strain of kratom. Named after the place it originates from Bali, this Kratom strain is much respected by new and experienced kratom enthusiasts alike. According to the folks over at Experience Kratom Bali, Bliss powder is sourced only from the mature Kratom trees that are cared for by the traditional kratom farmers of Indonesia. The kratom leaves – used to make the kratom powder – are harvested when their age is just right to achieve the optimum alkaloid levels in the kratom. After carefully harvesting the leaves from the Mitragyna Speciosa leaves, the farmers then spread them on the field to let them dry out. This is a time-consuming process that spans over several days. Even under the hot tropical sun, the dehydration process of leaves takes much time because of the high humidity levels prevalent all year round in the South Asian regions.

After the leaves have lost almost 90% of their water content, they are relentlessly crushed manually into a finely milled powder. Once the milling process is complete, the brand procures this powder and offers it to its customers after branding it as Experience Kratom Bali Bliss Powder.

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