Over past decade or so many Kratom brands have begun operating in the US, introducing several new variations of Kratom products. These variations are either based on the kratom strains or the extraction methods. One such brand that has been selling kratom is called Experience Kratom. They offer three Kratom product categories as per their official website; Experience Kratom Powder, Experience Kratom Capsules, and Experience Kratom Capsules. In the kratom powder category, they have further divided their products into Black and Blue classes. At Kratom-K, we are offering genuine Experience Kratom Black and Blue Powder at the most affordable prices to our valued customers.

The basic difference between Experience Kratom Black Powder and regular Kratom powder is the extract technique. When one talks about Black Kratom, they are generally referring to a water-based extraction process. It is reported that the overall alkaloid contents obtained from this extraction process are over 30 percent. This water-based extraction possesses an overall nine percent Mitragynine content. Quite impressive!

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