Experience Botanicals is a company that has become a home-name in the world of Kratom. Still, Experience Kratom products are available in almost all local smoke-shops and head shops. One of their most popular products, Experience Kratom Black Label Capsules is also available exclusively on Kratom-K. For your ease, you can also buy kratom with credit card on our store!

Apart from top-tier in-house kratom products, Kratom-K also sells products from other trusted vendors in the branded kratom section. Since we deal in the best kratom only, we make sure that all products on our website are 100% authentic and of high-quality.

So, we did thorough research on Experience Kratom Black Label Capsules before placing it on our shelves. Based on most of the customer reviews on forums such as Reddit, these kratom capsules have a great reputation.

Lab tests of these kratom products have indicated great quality with no additives. Furthermore, we know that these capsules come from the best Mitragyna Speciosa farms in Southeast Asia. Though, the kratom is actually imported by Nu-Wave botanicals, which is a parent company of Experience botanicals.

All the way from these farms in Southeast Asia, this product comes to our store and local headshops that have kratom for sale. Either way, after thorough research, we conclude that this brand is quite trusted in the Kratom community.

Features of Experience Kratom Black Label Capsules:

  • Top-quality kratom capsules
  • Contain 100% authentic kratom
  • No unnatural ingredients
  • Fair pricing

As for the kratom strains used in these capsules, not much information is provided. However, we do know that these are enhanced capsules. Which means that they are likely to contain extracted kratom powder.

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