Experience Kratom is a well-established and well-reputed Kratom brand famous for its innovative Kratom products. The brand has been successfully able to build an image of quality and reliability around its products. Particularly popular among the more experienced Kratom enthusiasts, the Experience Kratom premium extracts are always high in demand.

One such Experience Kratom product is their Maeng Da Premium Extract powder. Maeng Da kratom strain is arguably one of the most famous Kratom strains around the world as well as in the US. However, not every Maeng Da is Premium quality. The premium Maeng Da is obtained by scrupulously separating each narrow vein from its leaf and also taking out the stem attached to it. This process is crucial in making the final product containing highest alkaloid concentrations. This is because the veins and the stem of the kratom leaves are not as rich in the alkaloid and flavonoid concentration as compared to the green part of the leaf. Therefore the premium quality kratom product does not have either.

This process is however very time-consuming. Moreover, only the specialized highly-skilled traditional workers can carry out this job with precision. The time and effort is well worth it as the final product is of premium quality, fetching higher price in the market than the regular kratom products. Not all Kratom brands sell premium quality kratom products.

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