Every once in a while, a kratom product comes in the market that stirs the entire kratom scene. A unique, exclusive kratom variety that builds its reputation quickly for being of supreme quality. Our Golden Reserve Enhance Capsules are one such kratom product that is sure to impress you with its alkaloid composition.

The kratom comes in only three natural vein color variations. Those are:

So where does the Golden Reserve Enhance Capsules come from? Well, first of all, this product is only grown in privately owned kratom farms in only a few Southeast Asian regions. These exclusive kratom farms are known for their highest, premium quality kratom products as they boast of their oldest and most mature Mitragyna Speciosa trees.

The expert farmers manufacture the source powder for Golden Reserve Enhance Capsules through a unique drying process. The additional hours that this kratom powder is exposed to the sunlight changes its alkaloid profile for the better. Enhanced through additional natural alkaloids, this product is famous among the old as well as new kratom enthusiasts.

Each of the Golden Reserve Enhance Capsules contain .5 grams of Golden Reserve Enhanced kratom powder. When you buy kratom products (in-house or branded), you will get:

  • Best quality, most authentic, and genuine kratom powder
  • Sourced only from the most mature Kratom leaves
  • Obtained from leaves separated from the veins and the stem
  • Guaranteed to prove you the most authentic Kratom experience

We offer fast shipping on your every order. Order now or call our customer service representative for any queries or suggestions. We also offer additional discounts on large and bulk orders.

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