Golden Reserve Enhanced Powder is one of our most premium products. Let’s just say that it is so exclusive that even some of the most experienced Kratom enthusiasts do not know that something of this class exists. There are numerous Kratom strains that are famous for their strong alkaloid profiles, but even those strains find it hard to compete with our Golden Reserve Enhanced Powder. Let us tell you about how this premium-grade Kratom product is made.

The Golden Reserve enhanced powder is sourced as a hybrid of selected kratom strains. The selection criterion is based on several factors. Primarily, the powder must be sourced from Kratom leaves that have strong alkaloid concentrations at the time of harvest. Furthermore, they must have gone through a critical process of periodic exposure to sunlight during the drying process. Typically, the drying process continuous and limited exposure of the harvested kratom leaves so that the moisture content within them is reduced considerably to an acceptable limit. In the drying process of our Golden Reserve enhanced powder, the sunlight exposure is periodic, but for an extended period of time until the color of the leaves is changed to more of a Brownish Golden.

This is a complicated process that is not mastered by all the Kratom farmers even in the native lands. Only a few handpicked farmers have the secret knowledge of this method and they guard it very jealously. Their expertise has let them and their exclusive kratom products to be highly in demand across the world and particularly the US. For this reason, not all brands are able to offer this exclusive product to their customers.

At Kratom-k, we bring you the premium, most exclusive, and authentic Golden Reserve enhanced powder. Our products are:

  • Non-GMO
  • Sourced from the most mature, high-quality kratom leaves having the best alkaloid profiles
  • Enhanced through the repeated process of drying.
  • Delivered to you via the fastest shipping means.