At KratomK, it is our mission to provide our valued clients with the highest quality Kratom products. To ensure that, we do not source our kratom from the wholesalers. Instead, we have opted to procure our kratom directly from the traditional farmers and growers in the Southeast Asian countries. Over a period of many years, we have laid out detailed procedures to ensure that only the best Kratom reaches us to be processed further. As a part of this approach, we have made such an arrangement with a traditional Indonesian tribal family of Kratom growers that provides us with the best quality Green Bali Kratom powder.

Their annual kratom produce is limited, however, the quality is much better than that of what is available with the wholesalers. The Green Bali Kratom we source is obtained from the old, very mature Kratom trees which are properly cared for. Any Kratom fan would know that there are a number of factors that can affect the overall quality of the final kratom powder. Those factors include:

  • Duration of exposure to sunlight
  • Composition of the forest soil
  • Age of the Mitragyna Speciosa trees
  • Local climate of the region in which the kratom is being grown

Moreover, those kratom trees give the best quality kratom leaves which are regularly trimmed and harvested. The ones that are left ignored and grow on their own do not give superior quality products. All these abovementioned factors are very important in the overall quality of the final product. Unfortunately, these efforts require time and physical effort. Most modern-day kratom farmers as well as the kratom vendors in the US are less concerned about the quality as compared to increasing their profits.

At KratomK, we offer our clients the best quality Green Bali Kratom capsules obtained through best farming practices. Our customers know the difference between an average and a good kratom, thanks to the hardworking kratom farmers from whom we source our Green Bali Kratom. Through state-of-the-art packaging and fast shipping, we ensure that our kratom reaches you in its purest and freshest form.

Order your Green Bali from KratomK now. If you have any queries or suggestions, please contact your customer service.