Green veined Bali Kratom powder is procured from young and fresh leaves harvested from the mature Bali Kratom trees. The Kratom trees, from which we source our Green veined Bali Kratom, are located in the exotic Indonesian region of Bali. These trees are not left to grow on their own in the forests, rather they thrive within the farms and private plantations in which they are regularly tended to and cared for.

It is a scientifically established fact that the kratom trees give out their best produce if they are regularly harvested at the right intervals. The process of removing the old leaves triggers the release of alkaloids stored within the roots and base of the branches. Thus, through regularly caring for the trees, clearing obstructions, and trimming the unwanted leaves, our kratom farmers and harvesters play an important part in ensuring the top-notch quality of our Green veined Bali Kratom.

When the time is just right, the young leaves having green veins are harvested and piled up to be taken to the next stage of this complicated process – crushing. The crushing process involves the dried up Green Bali leaves to be transformed into a very fine, almost molecular size grains. The finer the powder, the better is its quality. This powder is then brought to the US in the airtight containers to make sure that there is no drop in the quality or freshness.

When you buy your Green veined Bali kratom from KratomK, you will have:

  • Top-quality Kratom powder
  • Highest state of purity and authenticity
  • Best value for your money
  • Unmatched and unsurpassed genuine Kratom product
  • Super-fast shipping

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