When you talk about Bali Supreme kratom, you are essentially talking about superior quality kratom in terms of the alkaloid profile. The Green veined Bali Supreme powder however, has more balanced alkaloid volumes as compared to the Red vein and White vein kratom varieties. That does not decrease its demands at all – instead – the Green veined Bali Supreme powder is preferred by the professionals and students over other kratom varieties that have more prominent presence of these alkaloids.

Primarly, two alkaloids combine to form more than 70% of total alkaloids by volume. They are Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. These two alkaloids are found in more quantities in Green veined Bali Supreme powder, only if the quality and freshness is intact. The product is called supreme as it is exclusively sourced from only the mature Mitragyna Speciosa trees located in the forests and private kratom farms in Bali, Indonesia. These kratom trees, that are well passed the age of their maturity, only get better with time. Owing to the deep roots, buried deep within the soil, these trees are able to fetch the best nutrients from the soil up to the leaves. Thus, the leaves are bigger, better, and richer as compared to those of the younger trees.

If you are looking to buy kratom of great quality, we suggest you try Green veined Bali Supreme powder that we have to offer. Whether new and an old-timer, you are sure to respect this one among many of our kratom strains.

When you buy our kratom for sale such as Green veined Bali Supreme powder from us, you will get:

  • Pure Kratom powder sourced from only the most mature kratom trees
  • All kratom processed in an advanced GMP facility
  • Grown and harvested in traditional farms in Southeast Asia
  • Free-trade and ethically sourced product
  • Fastest delivery
  • Most competitive price!

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