Indo kratom is one of the world-famous kratom strains that is known for its widespread availability and many variations that it comes in. The Indo kratom is obtained from the leaves of Indo kratom trees that are found in absolute abundance in the many islands of Indonesia. These leaves can be harvested at three different points in time. When the Indo kratom leaves are still young, the display a Green colored vein through their center. This central vein is indicative of the age of the leaf. The kratom manufactured from these Green vein kratom leaves is called Green Indo Kratom. But what about the Green Indo Supreme Kratom capsules? How are they manufactured? Well, let us explain to you that in a bit more detail.

As most of the kratom enthusiasts know, kratom is all about its alkaloid profile. It is not really about higher or lower alkaloid levels (the green vein kratom has lower alkaloids than the red vein kratom), rather it is about the quality of alkaloids.

As an expert would know, the most mature kratom trees give out leaves that have the most impressive alkaloid profile. The age of the tree does have a direct impact on the quality of the final product. This is because these old-age trees have the deepest roots that can fetch the best nutrients to their leaves, thus resulting in higher levels of alkaloids. The kratom products that are sourced from such old trees are given the title of Supreme. That why this kratom product is known as Green Indo Supreme Kratom capsules.

Apart from offering them the Green Indo Supreme Kratom capsules, we also offer it in powder form for those who prefer it that way.

Our Green Indo Supreme Kratom capsules are:

  • 100% natural, pure, and authentic
  • Sourced from only the oldest, most mature kratom trees
  • Non-GMO
  • Manufactured in GMP compliant facilities
  • Available in the most attractive prices
  • Super-fast delivery right at your doorstep

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