Indo kratom is a popular kratom strain famous with the old and new kratom enthusiasts alike. Sourced from the kratom farms located on the Indonesian part of the Borneo island, this kratom strain is sure to provide you with an authentic kratom experience. At Kratom-K, we source our Indo Kratom from only a few selected Mitragyna Speciosa farms that have a long tradition of growing best quality kratom in the region. Their annual production is less in terms of quantity, but they never make a compromise on the quality of their kratom. The kratom powder that is used to manufacture our Green Indo Kratom capsules is quite different from other similar kratom strains available for sale today in the market.

The manufacturing process of Green Indo kratom capsules starts when the Green veined leaves of Indo kratom trees are harvested when they are still young and fresh. The kratom tree however is of mature age, able to provide the best quality kratom leaves. After harvesting, the skilled farmers carefully separate the good quality kratom leaves from the substandard ones based on their visual characteristics such as size, shape and color. Thereafter, the leaves are spread out in the field for a few hours every day and exposed to the simmering heat and scorching tropical sun for a few days. When the moisture level is considerably reduced in the dried leaves, they are crushed using a mix of modern and traditional methods into a fine powder. This final product takes a huge amount of time and effort but its worth all the effort at the end.

When you buy kratom from us such as Green Indo Kratom capsules, you get:

  • Excellent quality and most-authentic kratom sourced from the most well-reputed farms in Indonesia
  • Delivered to you via super-fast shipping
  • Most competitive price as compared to any other kratom brand
  • Multiple payments options to choose from

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