Maeng Da kratom is perhaps the most famous of all kratom strains out there. It becomes all the more interesting because technically Maeng Da Kratom is not really an individual kratom strain. In the Indonesian language, “Maeng Da” means “Pimp Grade”. This slang is what is used to refer to this wonderful variety of kratom. Maeng Da can be any kratom strain but it has to come from only the most mature and aged Mitragyna Speciosa trees. These trees – by virtue of their size and proportions – are like powerhouses of all the nutrients including the alkaloids. This superior alkaloid makeup of these trees gives the best nutritions to the kratom leaves that are required to become “Maeng Da”. Once the leaves are packed with alkaloids, they are harvested at three different times in their life-cycles, depending upon what vein color kratom is required by the harvesters. Red, White, and Green veined Maeng Da Capsules are produced from such trees.

When you talk about Maeng Da Kratom, you mean quality. The Green veined Maeng Da Capsules and powder that we offer to our customers is sourced a few selected kratom farms in Indonesia. These farms are well known for the quality and authenticity of their kratom. Owned and maintained by the most experienced of kratom farmers, who have their knowledge about the plants handed down through many generations of their forefathers, these skilled workers have a keen eye for the best Green Maeng Da Kratom leaves. Soon after the harvest, the leaves are dried in the hot and scorching tropical sun for several hours a day, every day. This is done till the moisture content within them is reduced substantially.

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