Green veined Maeng Da Supreme Powder that we offer to our valued customer comes from the authentic kratom farms in Southeast Asia. The word “Maeng Da” in Indonesian means “Pimp Grade”. It is a slang that is used to refer to the top-quality product of any of the kratom strains. The difference between a regular kratom strain and a Maeng Da kratom comes from the age of the trees. Only the most mature and well-aged Mitragyna Speciosa trees have their roots deep enough under the ground to fetch the most valuable nutrients from underneath the soil up to their leaves high up near the canopy. These huge trees are also able to get the best air and sunlight for themselves as compared to the smaller ones – converting both into healthy nutrients for their leaves.

All of these advantages directly translate into the superior quality of our Green veined Maeng Da Supreme Powder. The Green veined kratom leaves, that are the source of this exclusive kratom product have the subtlest of alkaloids concentrations as compared to other kratom color variations. This means that the Green veined Maeng Da Supreme Powder is preferred by both newbies and experienced kratom buyers.

All our kratom for sale is lab-tested for quality as well as standardization. As we source all our kratom directly from the growers and farmers in the native lands, the quality control and prices are easily managed. This means that you can buy kratom of the best quality from us – that too at a great price!

What you get from us is:

  • Farm-fresh kratom powder obtained exclusively from the leaf by removing the stem and veins.
  • The most exclusive, top-quality kratom for sale
  • All your orders processed and shipped within 24 hours!
  • 100% genuine, authentic, and pure kratom product
  • Lab-tested and manufactured and processed in a GMP compliant facility

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