Mitragyna Speciosa is also known as Kratom and has been a staple in Southeast Asian (especially the islanders) culture for thousands of years. It has been enjoyed by kings and royalty all over the world since it was first discovered by voyagers. Since then, it vanished into history. But a recent revival of this magical herb from the east has caught the attention of the world and created a surge in widespread acceptance and clinical research. One of the most popular strains among the green-veined variety, the Malay kratom is known to be one of the most demanded varieties in the world.  Like all other kratom strains, the Malay Kratom leaves go through three life-stages. The more mature ones have red or white veins in their centers. The young ones, however, display a green colored vein. And they are the ones that are used to make Green Malay Kratom powder.

As the kratom experts would know, the color of the vein in a kratom leaf tells a lot about the inside composition of the leaf. Especially the alkaloids. There are two main alkaloids in every kratom strain, besides many other ones. These are Mitragynine and 7-hyrdroxymitragynine. Both of these two alkaloids together make up almost 68% of the total alkaloids by volume. In the Green Malay Kratom powder, the number of alkaloids is the same as the more mature variations but the volumes are much more balanced. Thus, the Green Malay Kratom powder we offer at Kratom-K is equally popular with the newbies and experienced kratom enthusiasts.

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