Kratom comes in many forms. Powders, capsules, and extracts, etc. What you buy depends on your personal choice however different Kratom enthusiasts have different reasons for their personal choices. Just like the forms, kratom also comes in many different varieties. More formally known as strains, these varieties are mostly named after the places of their origin; Bali, Sumatra, Malay, Vietnam, and Borneo can be some of the examples. Perhaps the most famous one among all these strains would be Maeng Da. Lucky Kratom Jumbo Maeng Da Capsules also contain this legendary strain.

To make things more interesting, let us tell you that Maeng Da is actually not a strain. To be accurate, Maeng Da is the very best grade kratom sourced from regular kratom strains (Maeng Da is translated as ‘Pimp Grade’ in Indonesian). Similarly, this kratom product of the highest standards is obtained only from the most mature trees. The age of the Mitragyna Speciosa trees has a direct impact on the quality of the leaves that ultimately become kratom.

As a rule-of-thumb, the more the age of trees, the better the final product in terms of its alkaloid contents. The mature trees can penetrate deeper into the soil through their roots and extract more of the valuable mineral-based nutrition to be brought up to their leaves. These mature trees are treated with much respect and recognition as their produce is much more sought-after and valuable to the farmers as compared to that of younger trees.

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