Our very own special Maeng Da Extract Powder sourced from the very best and mature Mitragyna Speciosa trees – available for you at the most competitive price. As the kratom enthusiasts would know, Maeng Da is an honorary title given to the kratom product that is sourced from the olden kratom trees. These aged trees give out the best kratom leaves in terms of alkaloid volumes and quality.

The process of manufacturing Maeng Da Extract Powder starts from the moment the kratom trees are harvested from the kratom trees. The expert harvesters – from whom we source our kratom – have a keen eye to pick all the best leaves still high up in the branches. With an expert swing of a bamboo stick by the skilled native kratom grower, the leaves are harvested and collected on the ground – piled up and ready to go to the next stage of the process. This next stage involves drying the collected kratom leaves and exposing them to the sunlight periodically, for several days. As a result of this treatment, the water content in the kratom leaf is reduced considerably. What remains is the condensed, water-deprived kratom leaf molecules that can now be used up to manufacture kratom powder.

After the drying process, the dried-up kratom leaves are crushed in a grinder either manually or through more modern methods. To manufacture premium kratom powder such as Maeng Da Extract Powder, the powder is crushed into an extremely fine grade. The finer the powder is – the better will be its quality.

All our kratom for sale including Maeng Da Extract Powder has the following features:

  • Freshly procured, stored in state-of-the-art warehouses to preserve freshness
  • Priced competitively as compared to other online kratom vendors
  • No compromise on the quality and authenticity of any product
  • Processed in a GMP compliant facility
  • All-natural, Non-GMO products

Looking for ways to save on kratom, consider buying the Maeng Da Extract Powder or any other kratom strains in bulk. To learn more about saving on kratom and many other aspects related to kratom, visit our kratom blog today and take a look at our informative kratom guides such as what are the most popular types of kratom capsules.