PEP Indo Enhanced Kratom capsules are Indo kratom capsules but that are enhanced through concentrated alkaloids post-manufacturing. Due to its enhanced alkaloid profile, this product has gained widespread acceptance and recognition from the Kratom enthusiasts across the US. This Kratom product is manufactured using the Indo strain of Kratom that is one of the most commonly found and sought-after kratom strains. However, as we said before, the Indo Enhanced Kratom capsules from PEP are different from other regular Indo kratom capsules because they are boosted by additional naturally extracted alkaloids. The final product is thus guaranteed to bring the best Kratom experience to the kratom connoisseurs.

The Indo Enhanced Kratom capsules from PEP – as the brand claims – are sourced from the traditional kratom farms located in the best agricultural areas in Indonesia. The PEP folks assert that their Indo kratom is only harvested from the leaves of the most mature Indo kratom trees that give out the superior kratom in terms of its alkaloid concentrations. To the Kratom enthusiasts, the kratom is all about its alkaloid contents and PEP Indo Enhanced Kratom capsules are intended to do just that.

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