There is Maeng Da. Then there is 50x Extract of Maeng Da. A supreme quality branded kratom product. The PEP Maeng Da 50x Extract Capsules are a big sensation in the category of branded kratom capsules being sold on the kratom market today.

It all starts with the extraction process. The technique used by the PEP, as the brand claims, is what creates all the difference. Through the application of the cold extraction method, PEP claims to extract the most out of the Supreme quality Maeng Da Kratom powder. This technique involves the mixing of Maeng Da Kratom powder in cold water. When the cold solution reaches its saturation point, the manufacturers warm it gradually to increase the saturation capacity. The solution dissolves more and more of kratom powder until it is close to its boiling point. Subsequently, by boiling and then cooling it down, the remains of the chemical process are picked up. These extracts can be 20, 30, or even 50x more concentrated than the original powder in terms of alkaloid concentrations. PEP Maeng Da 50x Extract Capsules are one of the most innovative kratom products our there!

While many kratom enthusiasts prefer their kratom in powder form, many still prefer theirs in capsules. It is just a matter of personal choice, there is no difference in the quality of both the products. To become a one-stop solution for all the kratom requirements of our valuable customers, we are offering quality branded kratom products just like PEP Maeng Da 50x Extract Capsules on our website as well.

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