Kratom enthusiasts around the world and especially the US are very particular about their personal favorite strains. They say that the subtle differences in the characteristics of each strain is what make them stand out among others. Each individual strain is influenced by several external factors, some within the control of the farmers, yet some of them cannot be controlled. One such very special strain, much liked by the kratom connoisseurs is called Bali Kratom strain, or more formally Red veined Bali Kratom.

Red veined Bali comes from the Indonesian region of Bali. This strain is famous for its peculiar molecular composition that has a unique mix of Alkaloids and Flavonoids, more than 24 of them in total. This remarkable mix of naturally occurring chemical compounds within the Red veined Bali leaves is what makes it so desirable with the Kratom lovers.

The Red veined Bali kratom powder we procure comes from the mature Mitragyna Speciosa trees in farms located in Bali and few adjacent areas. The leaves of these mature trees are harvested at a particular time of the year, when the time is just right, and when the leaves are just the right age. The age of the leaves is crucial because it decides the “color” of the kratom. The Red veined Bali Kratom powder comes from the leaves with Red veins that are richest in terms of alkaloid content.

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