Indonesia can arguably be called as the home of Kratom. The Mitragyna Speciosa leaves are found in absolute abundance all over the Southeast Asian region, having their presence in all the regional countries like Malaysia, Vietnam, Brunei, and Papua New Guinea – but it is Indonesia, that has the most varieties of Kratom trees in jungles all over its thousands of islands. The perfect hot and humid Indonesian climate catalyzes the growth of Kratom trees that thrive in such tropical weather conditions. Without human intervention, the Kratom trees flourish in the tropical Indonesian wilderness. But with careful and expert human supervision, the kratom trees grow much taller, healthier, and faster in the private lands and farms. From such farms, one of the best strains ever to come out and made available to the outside world commercially is called Red veined Indo kratom.

The native tribes have devised age-old tried and tested techniques through which quality Red veined Indo kratom is extracted from these trees. It is indeed a closely guarded secret but what we do know is that the Indo Kratom trees are cared for throughout the year. This includes watering them at the right times during the day, trimming their branches and leaves that are believed to hinder growth, and protecting them against the onslaught of deadly termites that come in their millions to eat the trees from inside and render it dead within days.

Once the trees are mature and healthy enough, the Indo Kratom leaves start to grow and follow their yearly cycle of birth, death, rebirth. The alkaloid concentrations within the leaves do not stay the same throughout the year. Rather, the alkaloid profile of Indo kratom leaves keep on changing, starting from the most dilute, to that of the richest towards the very end of their life journey. This is just the right time to harvest those Red veined Indo Kratom leaves and take them to the next stage of drying. After drying the Red veined Indo Kratom leaves are crushed into a fine powder and shipped to us after an initial quality check.

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  • Best quality, most authentic, and genuine Red vein Indo kratom powder
  • Sourced only from the most mature Kratom leaves
  • Obtained from leaves separated from the veins and the stem
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