Up until fairly recently, Thailand was not really famous as a source country of Kratom. Not that the Kratom trees are not found there. In fact, on the contrary, the Kratom trees (scientific name Mitragyna Speciosa) are found in absolute abundance all over the country; but the law of the land had prevented the kratom business from flourishing. When finally the favorable legal changes were announced, Thailand announced its presence on the global kratom stage in a big way! And probably the best kratom product to come out of there was Red veined Maeng Da capsules.

This extremely popular kratom product is sourced from only the most mature kratom trees, that have roots buried deep enough in the soil to obtain the best nutrition and bring it to their leaves. This means higher levels of alkaloid deposits in the those kratom leaves. Thus, the kratom obtained only from such mature trees is called Maeng Da Kratom.

The kratom powder in the Red veined Maeng Da capsules we offer to our valued customers is sourced from such mature trees that are considered precious possessions of the farmers who grow them. These trees are trimmed and maintained regularly to enhance the alkaloid profiles of the leaves, survivability in adverse weather conditions, and also improve the overall quality of the kratom sourced from them. All of this translates directly into superior quality Maeng Da Kratom products for our valued customers. At Kratom-k, we source only the finest quality strains from local growers, milled to finest form of powder before encapsulating it.

We provide our customers with the best Red Veined Maeng Da Capsules made out of superior Maeng Da Kratom leaves. Every batch of our products is tested to ensure purity, consistent quality, and authenticity. We offer:

  • Pure Kratom powder sourced from mature kratom trees
  • Prodcuts processed in an advanced GMP facility
  • Grown and harvested in traditional farms in Southeast Asia
  • Free-trade and ethically sourced