Among all the strains and varieties of kratom, arguably the most popular one would be Maeng Da Kratom. This fascinating kratom strain is one of the best selling kratom strains all year round, respected by all kratom enthusiasts. Just like all kratom strains, the Maeng Da kratom strain comes in three color variations; Red, Green, and White. While it is true that all kratom buyers have their individual preferences when it comes to the vein colors, the Red Maeng Da has a class of its own. However, what we are talking about here is not just any Red Maeng Da Kratom, we are offering our customers Red Maeng Da Supreme Kratom powder.

What makes Red Maeng Da Supreme Kratom different from the regular Red Maeng Da? The answer lies in the extraction process. It all starts with the harvesting process. As the skillful farmers harvest the Red Maeng Da leaves, they separate them based on their size and quality. The best grade Maeng Da kratom leaves are the ones that are used to manufacture premium kratom. To share the details with you, the Red Maeng Da Kratom leaves are painstakingly purified by separating the thin veins running through them. In addition to the veins, the stem is also disjoined from the leaf.

The main reason behind this intricate process is that the alkaloid concentration in the veins and stem is much lower as compared to the green part of the leaves. Therefore, if the vein and stem are not removed, the final Red veined Maeng Da Kratom product will not be of supreme quality. To make it supreme, this important process has to be conducted – albeit at the cost of time. Only then, it is worthy of being called Red Maeng Da Supreme Kratom powder.

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