The Ultra Enhanced Indonesian ACE kratom powder is a kratom product derived from the Mitragyna Speciosa trees that are found throughout the Indonesian mainland and its thousands of big and small islands. Despite being known by the native population for their various properties in addition to giving kratom, the tree species remained largely unexplored by the Western visitors of the Southeast Asian regions. Somehow it also survived the greedy colonialists of 18th and 19th century BC who would trade anything and everything for profit. Researchers argue that it was quite likely that if the colonials had discovered the properties of kratom and paid attention to this aspect, the Mitragyna Speciosa trees could have been harvested beyond their sustainability. In that case, the local habitat would have also suffered a lot because of the over-plantation of Kratom trees like the sugarcane plantations in the West.

Luckily, this is just a hypothetical scenario. The reality is that the Kratom trees are found in vast numbers all over Southeast Asia. But the quality of all the kratom products is not the same. Now because of the deeper scientific understanding of the Kratom products, we have been able to experiment with already existing Kratom products and create a few more variants such as Ultra Enhanced Indonesian ACE kratom powder (all natural).

In simple words, to make this product, the premium quality Indo Kratom leaves are dried, crushed, and milled into a fine powder. This Indo Kratom powder is then added with naturally occurring alkaloid concentrates such as Mitragynine to greatly enhance their alkaloid profile. The final product is a super-enhanced version of the regular product, with no unnatural additions.

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