Indonesia is famous for many reasons. One of them is the great quality Kratom that comes from its jungles and farms. The kratom strain most commonly found in Indonesia has been named after its origin, the Indo Kratom. The Indo Kratom, like other kratom strains comes in three varieties; green, white, and red veined Kratom. Out of these three, it is the red vein Indo kratom that has the highest alkaloid concentrations. However, to improve upon it further and to enhance the experience of our valued customers, we are introducing Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom Capsules.

These Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom Capsules are sourced from the same Indo Kratom leaves just like regular Indo Kratom capsules. However, to further increase its alkaloid contents, the Indo Kratom powder is enhanced with concentrated alkaloid extracts. The alkaloid extracts (primarily Mitragynine) are obtained only from 100% natural sources. The product is then encapsulated before being shipped to you. This product is equally famous with the experienced Kratom enthusiasts and to the newbies.

At Kratom-K, we provide you Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom Capsules that are sourced genuinely from the most well-reputed farms in Indonesia. The product is obtained directly from the farmers and growers who own those farms, instead of the retailers. This ensures the highest quality of our products as there is no 3rd party involved in the supply chain. Before the Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom Capsules are shipped to you, they are checked and verified for quality and freshness to ensure the most authentic and genuine kratom experience for your valued clients.

Including Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom, all our products are:

  • 100% natural and original
  • Completely pure, Non GMO
  • Sourced from the Indonesian farmers directly without involvement of retailers
  • Shipped to you within 24 hours or placing an order

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