The beautiful island of Borneo is shared by three different countries, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunie. Out of these three, we source our White Borneo kratom capsules from the traditional and best quality Indonesian kratom farms. When it comes to the Borneo strain of kratom, the Indonesian regions have the best soil compositions and perfect climate that helps accelerate the growth of Mitragyna Speciosa trees. Whether it is Red, Green, or White Borneo Kratom capsules, the kratom powder we use to manufacture our products is sourced only from the most mature kratom trees.

The journey of White Borneo Kratom capsules start in the well-kept kratom farms in Indonesia. The farmers, who treat their kratom trees as their prized possessions, tend to their annual crop with untiring focus and attention. New Borneo kratom trees are left to age until they are mature enough to give out the best grade Borneo kratom leaves. The leaves go through their natural life-cycle spanned over several months. It is relatively simple to tell the age of the leaves, as the veins that run through them correspond to the age. Green colored veins indicate that the Borneo leaves are still young while Red colored veins mean that the leaves have reached their age of full maturity. The White Borneo Kratom are sourced from those that have white colored veins, meaning that they are perfectly balanced in terms of alkaloid concentrations. This makes them suitable for both beginners and experienced kratom enthusiasts.

We offer our valued customers all kratom strains including White Borneo kratom capsules that are:

  • 100% pure, authentic, and genuine
  • Sourced from only the mature Borneo kratom trees of the best Indonesian kratom farms
  • All product batches checked for quality and freshness before being delivered to you
  • Shipped to you in fastest possible way
  • Guaranteed to bring you best kratom experience