White Borneo kratom powder is obtained from the Borneo kratom strain. This particular strain is found in abundance throughout the large island of Borneo in the Southeast Asian region. The kratom trees might be found in abundance, but it is only Indonesia, among the three countries that share this island, that is renowned for commercial export of Kratom across the world. The US is the biggest importer of kratom from Indonesia. And Borneo kratom strain is one of their chief exports.

Indonesian kratom farmers are considered one of the best in the business because of their expertise and knowledge regarding this botanical herb. Those farmers, with a rich tradition of growing and harvesting kratom, have a keen eye to pick the best kratom leaves on a tree and harvest only them to produce the best quality kratom powder. However, not all farmers are considered as good. After the commercial boom in the kratom business in the last 10 years or so, many new kratom farmers have started growing kratom to cash in on the opportunity. Most of them switched to kratom farming from palm or bamboo farming as it offered them better profits. That is where the quality comes in. We, at Kratom-K, only buy kratom from sources that are traditional, well-reputed, and qualify our minimum qualification criteria regarding kratom quality and purity. When we offer White Borneo Kratom powder to our customers here in the US, they are guaranteed that the kratom they are getting from us is pure, 100% authentic, and in its most genuine form. Unfortunately, not all kratom sellers in the US can guarantee such a thing.

When you get kratom from us, you are sure to have:

  • Pure kratom products sourced from the best kratom trees
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