Maeng Da Kratom is arguably the most popular kratom strain out there. The fact that makes it more interesting is that Maeng Da is not technically a strain. The title of Maeng Da (literally “pimp grade”) can be given to any kratom strain that is sourced from the most mature, strong, and well-kept Mitragyna Speciosa trees. These trees, owing to their age, have the deepest roots that enable them to fetch the best nutrients from deep under the ground up to their leaves. This makes any product superior in quality as far as the alkaloid composition is concerned. One such supreme kratom product that we offer to our valued customers is White veined Maeng Da Supreme Powder.

White veined Maeng Da Supreme Powder that is on sale with us is sourced exclusively from the private kratom farms in Southeast Asia. These private farms are owned and maintained by the most experienced, native kratom farmers who have the requisite knowledge and the skill needed to grow the best quality kratom.

We source our White veined Maeng Da Supreme Powder directly from these farmers – without any involvement of a middle-agent. This has a two-pronged advantage. First of all, the prices of our products are kept significantly competitive and the quality of the product is also standardized throughout the batches.

Starting from the time the leaves are harvested, through the drying and crushing process, and up till it is delivered to you – our White veined Maeng Da Supreme Powder is handled by professionals with great care so as not to degrade its quality, freshness, or purity.

When you buy kratom from us such as White veined Maeng Da Supreme Powder you get:

  • The most exclusive, top-quality kratom for sale
  • 100% genuine, authentic, and pure kratom product
  • Farm-fresh kratom powder obtained exclusively from the leaf by removing the stem and veins.
  • All your orders processed and shipped within 24 hours!
  • Lab-tested and manufactured and processed in a GMP compliant facility

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