Malay kratom is a widely renowned kratom strain that was originally grown in the Malaysian part of Borneo island. However, with the passage of time and increase in demand, the Malay kratom strain was taken to adjacent regions for commercial production. In the US, many variations of Malay kratom are available with the kratom vendors including the White veined Malay Kratom capsules.

The White veined Malay Kratom capsules contain the Malay kratom powder exclusively sourced from the white veined leaves. This means that the alkaloid profile of our White veined Malay Kratom capsules is rather balanced as compared to the red and green veined varieties.

The White veined Malay Kratom capsules we offer to our valued customers are manufactured in a state-of-the-art GMP compliant facility that adheres to all the safety and health standards. Our kratom is stored in an air-conditioned warehouse and freshly packaged before being shipped to you so that it reaches you in the freshest possible state.

Our White veined Malay Kratom capsules contain approximately 0.5 grams of top-quality Malay kratom powder. At kratom-K, we source all our kratom powder from only the mature Mitragyna Speciosa trees because of the superior quality kratom that they are able to produce.

When you buy White veined Malay Kratom capsules and other kratom products from Kratom-K, you are sure to get:

  • 100% natural, pure, and authentic kratom products
  • Sourced from only the oldest, most mature kratom trees
  • Non-GMO
  • Manufactured in GMP compliant facilities
  • Available in the most attractive prices
  • Super-fast delivery right at your doorstep

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