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Buy with Us and Get the Highest Quality Hand-Selected Product from the #1 US Importer.

Maeng Da is our best seller.Select from any of the categories below to get started. 

For the best value and highest quality, select from our House Brands, where we list our personal imports.

If you already have a favorite, check our branded products, where you can find the most popular brands available.

    Here’s our simple guide to product types:

  • Red vein usually has the most relaxing and soothing aroma.
  • White vein usually has the most stimulating and invigorating aroma.
  • Green vein is the middle ground. Its aroma can be both stimulating and invigorating in smaller quantities and more relaxing in larger quantities.

If you want to know what our customers recommend, check out our Best Sellers on the home page!

This product is not approved by the FDA for human consumption. Sold for external use only.

Very soon we will have our Free Samples available again.  We recommend that if you are new, that you follow these common sense steps.

  1. When available again try our Free Sample (Coming soon!)
  2. Purchase each of the *multiple packs so you get different strains to choose what is right for you.
  3. Find what works best and you have found your solution.

Thank you for your interest.

* Multi-packs include:

  1. Maeng Da, Bali, Supreme, Red Borneo Capsules & Powder
  2. Malay, Sumatra, Bali, Maeng Da Supreme Capsules & Powder.