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Bali Kratom

Bali KratomBali kratom is one of the most popular strains.  It is recognized by the rich green of the leaves and thick cell wall.

What is interesting to note about Bali is that in actuality, there isn’t much kratom grown there. However, the characteristics of Bali Kratom plants can be found in many strains throughout the region. The name seems to be derived from the fact that Bali is a major port area and a lot of shipping takes place there.  Early on it is surmised that if it came from the general area it was all called Bali.

Bali is an island of Indonesia located eight degrees just south of the equator. It does not experience much of an annual range in temperature. It has two season periods, wet and dry, which differ in characteristics. The wet season of Bali is highly experienced in December and January ending in April. Bali’s humidity averages at 85%, which makes Bali kratom thrive when growing.

Kratom is not approved for internal use by the FDA, and is sold for external use only.

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