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Borneo Kratom

Borneo KratomOur Premo Green Borneo Kratom is a high alkaloid Green Vein breed that is found in only certain regions of Borneo and Sumatra old growth forests. This is an extremely rare strain that’s destined to be a favorite in the industry. Don’t break it off. Melt away, and set it off with Green Borneo Kratom.

We offer White, Green, and Red Veined Borneo strains in both powder and capsuled forms. What a wonderful way to go with the jukebox playing your tune. Our pledge to you is to offer the highest quality of all three!

At Kratom-K we are committed to serving you.  We hand select each and every batch of kratom we offer you and we test and sample each batch as well.  We know exactly what the aromatic qualities are and offer them to you so that you can experience the benefits yourself.

Join the Kratom-K Family by signing up for our Newsletter and get an immediate 5% discount to make your first purchase.  We know our prices are not the lowest but we literally hand select the best kratom for you to offer the highest quality so why charge less?  But you can get the “family discount” when you buy from us or sign up for the newsletter because each month we send out coupons to our family members.    So by becoming a Kratom-K Family Member you can save and get prices that are as low as any you can find.  #KeepKratomLegal


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