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Horned Maeng Da Kratom

Horned Maeng Da KratomThe leaves of Horned Maeng Da Kratom have points on them instead of being smooth. Maeng Da is grown in the tropical rain-forests of Borneo.

Borneo is a large Indonesian island. It is the 3rd largest island in the world, and is older than the Amazon rain-forest. Heavy clouds are ready to deliver downpours of rain. That same rain sustains the forests by keeping them healthy and green in the endless cycle of life. The scientists believed that the island was formed by volcanic eruption under the sea and many smaller ones followed.  Making this  the perfect environment for Horned Maeng Da Kratom.

Borneo’s lowland forests and peat swamp forests have a lot in common that includes the species of plants and animals. The island’s mountain rain-forests are different from the rest of its territory. Borneo’s mountain rain-forests cover the central and northeastern parts of the island. The climate of the mountains are much cooler and the higher the mountains are the cooler the temperature. Lots of clouds hug the mountain and offer plenty of moisture as well. The Horned Leaf Maeng Da trees are smaller in size, and shorter in height.

Kratom is not approved for internal use by the FDA, and is sold for external use only.

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