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Indonesian Kratom

Indonesian KratomIndonesian Kratom is naturally grown, sourced, and harvested from mature Southeast Asia jungle trees.
Indonesia has a tropical climate that is highly variable form one area to another. The diverse environments, in the best area to grow kratom, make it the ideal place to grow a wide variety of strains in a relatively small foot print. It is thriving and working to provide the best kratom of the region.

The eastern monsoon brings the driest weather and the western monsoon brings the main rain. The dry season does not mean there is no rain. The dry season is influenced by the Australian continental air masses as well as rainy season. That is the result of mainland Asia and Pacific Ocean air masses. Throughout the year these rainstorms occur, the highest regions are cooler. Temperatures range between 73 degrees Fahrenheit and 82 degrees Fahrenheit all year. The humidity in Indonesia varied from 70% to 90%. The warm waters that make up 81% of Indonesia’s area makes the temperatures on land remain constant. Indonesia has moderate winds and predictable with monsoons blowing in from the south and east from June through September and from the northwest in December through March. The variations in rainfall are connected with the monsoons.

Kratom is not approved for internal use by the FDA, and is sold for external use only.


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