The kratom typically in three color varieties. The Red, White, and Green. However, it might come as a surprise to some of the readers that the color of the kratom does not refer to the color of the kratom powder. The powder is almost always in a shade of green color. In fact, what kratom colors refer to is the color of the central vein that runs through the kratom leaves when they are still on the Mitragyna Speciosa trees.

But what does the color of the vein have to do with the kratom? A lot!

Any kratom enthusiast would tell you that the vein color of the kratom leaf tells about the quality and quantity of alkaloids in the leaf. The kratom colors change with the increase in the alkaloid concentrations. So, when the leaves are young and have fewer alkaloids in them, the vein has a green color. As the leaves mature and gather more alkaloids, the vein color transforms into white. As the final stage of the life-cycle of the kratom leaves approaches, when they are at their matures stage, their color changes to Red. The kratom colors are a pretty good way to tell what category the kratom leaf belongs to in terms of alkaloid structure.

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