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House Brands

Kratom-K Kratom

We offer the finest hand-selected imports.

We pride ourselves on a personal commitment to getting you the best product we can get our hands on. We send qualified staff to where our finest growers and suppliers can be found to personally ensure quality supplies, carefully selected for you. Buy from us and learn what tens of thousands of customers have already experienced.

As the current top US Kratom importer, we offer a wide variety of products for you to peruse. You can choose from regional varieties below or use the categories menu on the left to go directly to your favorite product line. We guarantee only the greatest quality, hand-selected from the finest growers on the planet. We personally ensure that we have active staff in each region, forming long-lasting relationships to ensure quality for you. If you choose any of our strains, we offer both encapsulated and powder forms.

Keep Kratom Legal

Every day we’re on the front lines of the industry lobby working hard to ensure that you will always have access to quality product. We’ve kept the effort going for years, but the struggle is endless and we need your help. Lend us your support by signing up for our newsletter and not only will you stay informed about the industry, you’ll join the thousands of subscribers receiving discounts every month! Help us to help you by lending your support and your voice to the cause — in September 2016 people just like you fought to keep Mitragyna speciosa from becoming a Schedule 1 drug, and won. Never underestimate the power of your own voice, and never forget that when you buy from us, those resources support the industry as a whole.

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