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Premium Samples

Step Two in Your Journey

Buy Sample Powder from UsIf you’ve tried kratom and found it beneficial, then your next step is to find the particular strain that’s best suited to your specific needs.  To help you on your way, we offer premium samples so that you can try different strains without breaking the bank.

Your parents weren’t lying when they told you that you were unique. We all may be part of the one human race, but our bodies are fickle; each reacts to the world in its own special way. The scientific world, dragging its feet like always, has finally come to understand this, and spends its days studying how to specialize treatments for common human weaknesses. Who knows? Today we customize cancer treatments, tomorrow we might personalize every prescription!

Unfortunately, we don’t have those answers yet, but that’s not to stop us from finding out in the here and now! Today, you need to be the scientist, to run your own personal trials with different strains and find what works best with your unique chemistry.   Each strain has its own respective properties and aromas.  We won’t try to influence how you use kratom or which might be right for you, so it’s on you to find out for yourself.

But once you know what you’re looking for, then we can help you! How would you like it delivered to you? Capsules make it clean and easy, but if you’re in the market for something cheaper, it comes in powdered form, too. Don’t be scared of the mess; if you’re a DIY kind of guy, you can purchase your powder with some empty capsules and a filling machine — check them out with the rest the bargains in accessories!

Check it out!  For under $37 you can get four (4) of our fantastic strains:

Choose capsules or powder in

  • Maeng Da, Thai, Red Borneo, Bali Supreme.
  • Malay, Sumatra, Bali, Maeng Da Supreme

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The FDA has not approved this product for human consumption so please use externally only. Do your research and then come back and purchase one of these samples below.

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