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What Is Kratom?

Bali Kratom from Kratom KMitragyna speciosa, the scientific classification, is a species of tropical evergreen trees that grow in Southeast Asia. Most commonly called "kratom", or "ketum", it is generally found in the countries of Indonesia and Malaysia.

In the News

Kratom plantRead more +21 March 2017 By in In The News

Make Your Voice Heard – Mitragyna Speciosa Legality

Be part of the grassroots support network! M. speciosa has been under scrutiny since it became a widely popular herbal product outside of it’s native Southeast Asia. The DEA had marked it as a possible “concern” (as they had attempted with kava root) and when a case couldn’t be found, the ball was passed to
american kratom assocRead more +21 March 2017 By in In The News

DEA M. Speciosa Comment-Filing Period Findings

ACFC Releases M. Speciosa Findings DEA opened public comment in regards to a proposed ban of the mitragyna plant and it’s constituents late last year before a proposed ban. The response was quick, coordinated and overwhelming consisted of positive support. Thank to results from an early February study by the American Kratom Association and the
mitragynineRead more +21 March 2017 By in In The News

Mitragyna, CBD and Kava Formula a Match Made in Botanical Heaven?

Mitragyna, CBD and Kava Near Green Light for Phase 3 Trial A match made in botanical heaven? Hot on the heels of an impending federal ban on mitragyna speciosa, on the basis that the plant and it’s constituents are dangerous and have no medical benefit or application, Health Advance, Inc. announces their agreement with Micro

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